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Greetings once again all,

We have had several offers to host the content from at other sites, and after conversation with the other site admins here, we have come to the following:

Regarding the disposition of hosted materials at the site

Over the years of its existence, Nexusnine has become a storehouse for ideas and writing from a great many creative minds. Looking over the site, we have contributions from over two dozen different people in amongst three or four dozen articles, features and netbooks. A lot of creative time and energy has been put into the site over the years.

That inevitably brings us to the question of where to go with the material on the site. We have no wish to see the work disappear just because the site is coming down. To that end we have had offers from several different sources to host up the material from the Nexusnine site, so that it can live on after the actual site is gone.

We have spent some time discussing this between the admin staff and have come to a consensus. The articles, features and Netbooks on the site were created for the general gaming community at large and they should stay that way. In that respect, we have no problem with the materials from Nexusnine being indexed and re-hosted on other sites. We would, however, like to address the following points and requests:

1. Permission is expressly given by Brian Weber, Brian Hardwick and Ian Schroen to re-host any materials we have created and hosted on the Nexusnine website.

2. When hosting any materials from the site, please be sure to credit the original creators of the material. (Whether you want to reference the Nexusnine site is up to you).

3. Lastly, and most important, we are granting our permission to re-host the site content based on our belief that the material should stay available. That said, at the end of the day, all the material on Nexusnine belongs to the original creators, not the site itself. With that in mind, we ask that you honor the wishes of any original creator of our site materials, should they have a different opinion about the hosting of their creative work elsewhere.

Thank you,

Brian Weber - RS


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I have the site ripped and uploaded to

I'll do editing and adding notes about what happened to the original.  If any of you old admins want access to it, let me know and I'll set you up with a login for the sub domain.

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