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Read Only PBP: Rifts Dungeon Crawl
"The Worlds Largest Dungeon done the Rifts way aka The Kentucky Headhunters"
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4 59 May 28 2011,21:31
By: xenocrates
Read Only PBP: A War to End All Wars
Potential champions of light, brought together under one banner. Together they learn. Together they bleed. Together they just might help save the megaverse. The war is beginning. The lines have been drawn. Which side are you on?
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16 4640 Apr. 18 2011,09:28
In: OOC Discussion
By: amegamer
Read Only PBP: After the Bomb - Rendezvous in N'Yak
A journey into the ruined heart of a dead civilization.
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8 194 Jul. 27 2011,15:06
In: Out Of Character Discu...
By: Maximus Furittus
Read Only PBP: Xiticix Invasion
Doing what we can with what we have. Or the line must be drawn here!
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4 308 Jan. 28 2013,15:29
By: Rogue Shadow
Read Only Rifts: Aftermath
A CS game.
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5 462 Jan. 24 2010,12:17
In: Notes to the GM
By: Toc Rat
Read Only Heroes Unlimited: Runaways
Darwin's theory proves that species have evolved to adapt to their environment.  For thousands of years, the human race has been the dominant species on the planet, but beyond our collective intelligence increasing we have shown no signs of evolving.  Is our ability to develop technology a sign of our evolving or has it only slowed the process of our natural evolution into something more than we are now?
-From the front page of The Genesis Society's message forum.
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9 424 Sep. 02 2009,08:40
By: Logan the Defiant
Read Only Tavern at the End of the Megaverse
Palladium Fantasy
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13 551 Sep. 02 2009,02:23
In: O.O.C. Tavern Chat
By: mr.phillup
Read Only PBP: [SenZar] The Sixth Age
An epic tale of steam, steel, and strange magicks in four acts.
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25 1605 Apr. 14 2014,15:37
In: 6th Age: The After-Par...
By: mr.phillup
Read Only PBP: The League of Aegis
A Heroes Unlimited Game.
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6 334 Mar. 21 2011,11:09
In: Out of Character Discu...
By: Toc Rat
Read Only PBP: Pass the Ectoplasm, Please!
A BtS-Type PbP game (hopefully an enjoyable one)
Tech Level:  20th Century
Magic Level:  Low/Med
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10 1467 Jan. 16 2010,03:56
In: The Island
By: xenocrates
Read Only Heroes Unlimited: Justice Rising
A HU game by Snippersly.
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5 46 Sep. 02 2009,02:24
By: mr.phillup
Read Only Mercs: Gravemakers & Gunslingers
The Hunters V. Vampires
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23 1839 Apr. 06 2010,02:51
In: OOC Chat
By: Haz-matt
Read Only PBP: Fiasco - Camp Death
Camp Clearwater's been abandoned since some grisly, "unsolved" murders 20 years ago. The new owner probably made that up as some creepy story to tell the campers and scare up business. We've got a few weeks to get this place set up before any campers arrive, and most of the hard work is done. We've got enough booze, pot, and distance from authority to make this the best summer ever. What could go wrong?
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3 59 Jan. 05 2013,10:45
In: Setup 3: Fleshing it o...
By: Lord_Z
Read Only Splicer's: Omega Squad

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9 143 Oct. 24 2012,07:36
In: OCC Thread for Game
By: ManDrake
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